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1940. The hotel, as a family business, established in the early forties (twentieth century), after the war, its founder Salome Rafols (1st Generation), the bereaved widow enabled home, of considerable size, to house workers construction and medical personnel Sanitarium “Sant Joan de Deu” (the current RA Hotel in Sant Salvador-El Vendrell).

He began serving meals sailors preparing dishes that had been taught fishermen.

I helped by her two daughters, Rosa and Maria Antonia, launched the business, pension had 20 rooms and restaurant. He began to be frequented by holiday makers in the area and domestic tourism.

1962. In 1962 took place a reform that broadened the establishment up to 45 rooms and gave the category of Hotel. The business was taken by his daughters (2nd Generation) and her husband, Joseph Gallo, open only in summer, was occupied mostly by French tourists, Germans and Dutch coinciding with tourist elboom of the decade of 60-70. He began working with agencies.

1977. Later, from 1977 took over the business the 3rd generation, her eldest granddaughter, Montserrat Gallo, and her husband William Strijbos. a portfolio of private clients who continue to rely on the family philosophy of Hotel Salome think.

2012. The year 2012 has brought a new change in the business, through meaningful reform of much of its facilities, it reopened last June with over from the 4th generation and their willingness to continue the family business .

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